If you are looking for something more than a “come one, come all” recruitment solution, let the Henry County CIC connect you with the tools of OhioMeansJobs-Henry County department.  Our combined commitment to developing a working relationship with your Henry County business by assisting you with your workforce development needs can offer reassurance during hiring processes. 

Employer Resources


Some of the business services available include:

  • Application and/or Resume Collection – let us collect applications and/or resumes to help reduce or eliminate the traffic at your business location and save your staff time.
  • Job Posting – posing of your job opening(s) on the Job Center’s bulletin board and assist with posting online at OhioMeansJobs.com.
  • Pre-Screening – applicants will be referred to you based on the qualifications and work experience you specify.
  • Job Fairs and On-site Recruitment – use of the Job Center for a job fair.  You may also use this facility for interviewing candidates.
  • Skill Testing – on-site skill and aptitude testing software available for your potential and current employees.
  • On-the-Job Training
  • Short Term Skills Training
  • Incumbent Worker Training

On-the-Job Training (OJT) Highlights:

On-the-Job Training (OJT) is a federally funded program that helps employers hire and train job seekers for long-term employment.

This is an opportunity for an employer to work with the local Job Center to recruit, pre-screen, and hire new employees, and to train them in the specific skills they need to help your business thrive.

Key Features and Benefits to Employers:

  • Reimbursement of a percentage of the trainee wages earned during the training period
  • Minimal paperwork; easy process
  • Not limited to specific job types
  • Increased productivity
  • High worker retention rates
  • Training tailored to employer/employee needs

OJT Requirements

  • Each job seeker must be assessed and found eligible and suitable by the local Job Center BEFORE being hired.
  • The employer commits to hire and retain the job seeker if the job seeker completes a satisfactory training period.
  • Employers will be reimbursed a percentage of the trainee’s regular wages during the training period, not to exceed $8,000.
  • The length of the training period will be based on the trainee’s current aptitude compared with skills needed to perform the job, not to exceed six months.
  • Employers must offer the same treatment and compensation for workers in OJT as workers in the same or similar positions.
  • Employers must NOT have laid off workers from the same or similar position(s), and may not use OJT to displace current workers or reduce their hours, wages, or benefits.