The Henry County CIC serves as a comprehensive resource and clearinghouse for employment and training resource for employers, job-seekers, and youth throughout Henry County.  Having created a strong collaboration with local resources with the Henry County OhioMeansJobs office and The Henry County Chamber of Commerce, we connect job-seekers with the needed skills to secure sustainable employment, and we connect employers with a trained and ready workforce.  

Partners in Building a Stronger Henry County Workforce


Workforce Development Program


Program Overview

Growing and strengthening your workforce is important to your company! That’s why the CIC’s newest Workforce Development Program is designed to support employers with resources such as establishing a pipeline of employees, training accessibility & funds, marketing and hiring resources. Our goal is to help you succeed as well as grow the community!  

Your participation in the program includes the following:   

Employee Pipeline Creation Activities

  • Participation, at no additional cost, via a table space at the October 13th Manufacturing Day 
  • Coordinated on your behalf, guidance counselor/superintendent tour at your site. 
  • Coordinated on your behalf, a 5 to 10 student visit(s) (half day max per visit) to your site. 
  • Human Resource or other personnel can participate in a Four County 2-hour forum, and explore student engagement opportunities.   

Training Funding Opportunities

  • Facilitate on your behalf, JobsOhio training funds when applicable 
  • Facilitate on your behalf, and liaison, job fair, employee testing, On-The-Job Training Funds, etc. via Ohio Means Jobs 


  • Branding on our workforce specific website as a sponsor 
  • Free branding via radio and newspaper coverage of certain activities 
  • Clearinghouse for media resources and vendors (video, social media, etc.)   

Program Cost:

  • $1,500/Year for all CIC Members
  • $2,500/Year for all Non-CIC Members


Contact the CIC to learn more or to enroll now!